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    Thought of creating an informal poll on what was the best Schwinn model you ever owned or lusted after. Can be all time or subcategories. For me my first Schwinn was a Predator BMX. Loved that bike until someone stole it. My sister had a Schwinn banana seat kids bike where I learned to ride a bike on. Fond memories. The hands down favorite ride though is my 1999 Homegrown 4-banger. Still looks modern and sweet even though its almost 20 years old!



    I have a few favorite Schwinns. #1- My Underground is my favorite hard tail mountain bike. #2- My Phantoms are my second favorite neighborhood cruiser bikes. #3- My 87 Paramount.


    Definitely lust after a plastic Underground, but since they’re all a bit big for me right now the one for me is the 1997 HG Factory XTR FS. Close second would be the same year Factory hardtail in the darts paintjob. I could probably go on from there…


    I still have one of these frames left, but unfortunately it’s cracked at the head tube. I had 2 others that cracked at the same place that I gave away to other Schwinn guys. This is my favorite bike artwork.livernose-schwinnpleasureposter.jpg


    Pretty much any of the factory suspension models. The bike I wanted in the nineties but couldn’t afford. Rode some at that time as demo units for a bike shop I frequented. Ended up getting a KHS FXT team bike at a bargain price, but really wanted that Homegrown. Got a 96 now, love it and they can have it when they pry it from my cold dead hands.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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