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    Hi there bonus tomato I just got a 98 hard tail xt homegrown.  It was sitting for a long time and the chain was really rusty so I put some oil on it and took it for a ride, then the thing broke! Now I have no chain and dont know what one to get.  Does anyone know what kind of chain it was? Or what I should get?  (I left the other one where it broke, I had to walk 5 miles).  



    Look at the rear cassette.  Count how many sprockets there are.  It’ll be most likely 8 or 9.  Then go to your LBS or online store and look for the corresponding chain that would fit it.




    Since it looks like your bike is otherwise factory stock, it looks like you will need an 8 speed chain. Shimano would likely have been the original chain, but an 8-speed chain from SRAM or KMC would work as well.

    1998 Homegrown XT specs

    For future reference for anyone on here that has a question like this, please check under the model details link above. I hate to see someone wait if their question is possibly already answered on here.


    Thanks for the input.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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