1997 Homegrown Hardtail LXT

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Bike Details

The 1997 Homegrown Hardtail LXT featured the same frame as the Homegrown Hardtail ESP and XT, meaning it was constructed of 6061 aluminum by Anodizing, Inc., in Portland and featured an extruded chainstay yoke and gusset on the underside of the down tube where it joined the head tube. Like the Homegrown Hardtail ESP and XT, the frame was available either buffed or in "Killer Tomato Red."

The Homegrown Hardtail LXT shared the Rock Shox Judy XC with 63mm of travel with the Homegrown Hardtail ESP and XT models, paired with a Shimano Deore LX group with upgrades to Deore XT shifters and derailleurs. Like the ESP and XT models, the Homegrown Hardtail LXT frame still had the rear brake boss for cantilever brakes but came with v-brakes. Complete specs are on the left.

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