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Update on decals: '98-'99 on ebay right now. See post 24 for link.

This is by no means a done deal, but IF it was possible to get frame decals from the original art, would you be interested? This would likely be complete kits-top tube, seat tube, seatstays, but NOT including Schwinn downtube decals. I do not know what pricing would be but am not trying to turn this into a money-maker (would be nice to make a little for hosting and time invested, though).

This is just to gauge general interest, so it's not broken down by Homegrown/Homegrown Factory or hardtail/FS.
Samples attached below:

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The Tomato rides again

The Tomato is back. Sorry for the long delay, but dumping an airline-sized Coke into my laptop slowed things down a bit.

To recap, this nice little hack occurred, which allowed anyone to brute-force their way to control a site once they knew it was running Drupal:

Schwinn Homegrown Model Identifier

Want to find out if your Homegrown was made by the mythical magical elves at Yeti? Click on, my friend. This page lists all Homegrown models, and you can sort by multiple options at once. If you sort on a color a bike will be included even if it's not pictured in the catalogs in that color.

Click the link icon on mouse-over of the bike image to view the detailed specifications and related models. Click the magnifying glass icon to enlarge the picture.