15" or 17" homegrown, frame only, bass blue?

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15" or 17" homegrown, frame only, bass blue?

I prefer the blue if anyone has one, but if not, do you have a small or medium? Pics and price? Thanks

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Got a 15" 97' bass boat blue Ltd. frame for sale. I'm the original owner.......its in great condition. There is a small dent on the chain stay yoke. There are only a few spots where the paint is chipped mostly from rocks flying up underneath the bbracket. One time I was riding and stopped to help someone replace a tube on the trail, and had the bike leaning up on a log and it fell over. I rushed over like it was my baby or something and upon inspection saw a small dent on the chain stay yoke. It tore at me wether it would effect the structural integrity of the frame to the point that I drove up to Ted Wojcik's shop in Georgetown, ma or NH, can't remember it was 20 yrs. ago, to ask him what he thought. He said it would be fine and would cause no further damage to the strength of the frame. He made the point that it could actually make it stronger Where it was compressed, because when you compress metal it becomes tighter so to speak and therefor stronger. It actually made sense to me, and it was an honor to meet Ted. I took what he said and rode the hell outta that bike for the next 5 yrs. until I got my 2001 Rocket 88 stage 1, and 2001 Homegrown Ltd "the gold one", thus retiring it. I'll upload some pics later when I get a chance......figure I'd put the buzz out first.....