99 Homegrown Factory F/S 21" XTR BB Orange

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99 Homegrown Factory F/S 21" XTR BB Orange

Im the original owner. Wrapped and stored for 10 yrs. Best color EVER. I have XTR 9 spd front/rear derails (mega 9) Hanger is perfect. Straight and true. XTR Spindle. I have 33 pics so email me and ill send you a link. this uploader will not take any upload from me. Ive bought and built a lot of killer bikes for myself but this frameset glides down a river bed better than any of them. I also have a 98 BBRED factory team XTR I am considering parting with. Dont have a price for either. You guys know better than me. I know I dont need a half dozen bikes hanging in my garage anymore. Make me an offer.

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I increased the file size limit for posts so you can edit and add images if you like (20 mb max. total now). You can also reply to your post if you want to do it that way, or just include the link in the post.
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I sure wish that was a 19" frame size. Looks the perfect set up with the rear disc option.


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