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Frame fit

So, there are 2 17" HG's on Ebay right now.  I know that I like the fit of the '99.  I am 5'9 3/4" and first tried a 19' in '98 but always felt it was a little big.  In '99 I switched to the 17" and felt better.  The other on Ebay is a '97 Killer Tomato and looks like it will go for less cash but I'm worried it's too short.  The specs say TT on the '99 is 22.4" and on the '97 is 22.0".  Has anybody ridden both models?  Just worried that since the 22.4" might be on the small side for my body type that the extra .4 might be cramping me.  Thoughts? 

Thanks Guys, Scott