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    Is there a way to replace the fork with a newer shock(maybe one that can be locked out).What measurement do i need to look for?What is a realistic price i could ask for the frame,shock and maybe the fork.(manitou x vert)In just trying to explore my options.Really enjoy the hardtails.Sorry i meant the rear shock.I may be selling it to blue.


    Basically any new fork would fit.  The only thing you need to do is remove the crown race from the old fork onto the new one and the cut the steerer tube to the correct hieght.  You can do this yourself (not recommended if you’ve never done this before or don’t have the tools) or take the fork to your local bike shop.  I’d recommend the Fox Float series RL.  It has rebound and lockout control.  You’re disc brake should fit on it.  A lot of 2009 are on sale but going fast.  For a 4-banger, I’d get a 100mm shock.  For a hardtail, either 80-100mm would work. 

    If you’re selling just the frame, shock and fork, a lot depends on the condition of the bike and the right timing.  Most likely the fork will be discarded for a newer one the buyer may have.  You might be able to sell the frame easier if it was just the frame, rear shock, and hard to find components like that special rear brake make by Hayes that isn’t sold anymore. 


    Your price isn’t bad, I just can’t afford that right now before Christmas. I do have a 4 banger coming my way, and hopefully it will be sent to me before Christmas. I think the frame on mine is pretty rough, which is why I would love to get a nicer frame for it. Not in a hurry to sell are you? Send me an email, I’ve got an offer for you….



    Short answer is no, there is no easy way to change the rear shock on a Banger.  I had to make a custom mount for mine, and Bellsy is working on an idea he had as well.  But for now, nope, you’re stuck with OE Banger items.


    I think fox sold a trunion mount shock for a while that would fit… but that was years ago…


    Maybe Risse Racing has something for you?  They claim to have a Sweet Spot compatible rear shock.


    Chain Reaction Cycles is showing a closeout on the Fox trunion mount shocks for 4 bangers and Straight 6’s.  First link (500 lb spring) is this:

    cheaper shock (800 lb spring) is this:

    Seems like a good deal.  Buy them while you still can.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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