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    Just thought it would be cool to know what other people listen to while riding these sweet beasts, If anything at all, I know some people are anti music while riding.

    Personally what i listen to while riding is:

    Metal such as, Metallica, Slayer, Unvisioned, Lamb of god, Chimaira.

    Punk, Black flag, Dropkick murphys, FLogging molly.

    all stuff to pump me up and get me going faster.


    I have and Ihome 2Go which lets me listen to my Ipod while it blasts out from the water bolltle holder.  Lately I have been on an Alice in Chains or Stone Temple Pilots kick.  I am sure I look like a fool riding a bike and singing along.  I tone it down when cars are nearby, but jam out the rest of the time.


    I don’t usually carry tunes while riding, but I do have some funny stuff on my Wheelin’ Playlist for the month:

    BYOB–System Of A Down

    Suicide Solution–Ozzy

    Symphony Of Destruction–Megadeath

    Alive–Pearl Jam

    Block Rockin’ Beats–Chemical Brothers

    Dance Hall Days–Wang Chung

    I’m Bad–The Last Vegas

    Seether–Veruca Salt

    Who Do You Love–George Thorogood

    Gentleman–The Afghan Whigs

    Rebel Yell–Billy Idol

    And of course, the new Lady Gaga album, and some vintage Spice Girls to balance out the mix. What–don’t hate! Wink


    The new lady gaga album goes with out saying.


    Metallica- Kill Em All & ….and Justice for All

    Zao- Parade of Chaos

    Pantera-Vulgar Display of Power

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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