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Short answer: the '95 models were made by Control Tech, Yeti made Factory hardtails and Straight 6/8 front triangles from '96-'99, Anodizing, Inc. made everything else through 2001 except the carbon All-Mountain frames, which were made by Top Key in Taiwan. Better answer: go here.
The bottom bracket shell width is 73mm. For those of you running three-piece cranks, your spindle width will depend on the crank you're using. As examples, Shimano's cranksets commonly used a 112.5mm spindle (for Hollowtech I) while ISIS-based systems were generally used with a 113mm BB spindle length. For fitting any of the newer two-piece designs it's just a matter of using the appropriate spacers provided with the BB cups.
Wheels Manufacturing hanger #7 fits Homegrowns from at least 1996-1999 (awaiting confirmation on other models). It can be obtained from any shop that deals with QBP (QBP part number is FS2409) or from anyone else that deals with Wheels Manufacturing.
Pretty simple: if you have a Homegrown, you need a 26.8mm post.
Rainbow Cycle Craft in Niwot, Colorado was responsible for the distinctive bassboat paint jobs seen on some Homegrowns. I recently spoke with some of the crew from Spectrum Powder Works and learned that they also were responsible for painting some of the more memorable Homegrowns; in fact, these were the first frames that Spectrum painted.