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    So back in the day I sold Schwinns and won a sale contest and was given what was billed as a left over factory team MTB hardtail. No designation other than “Schwinn” in the Project Colorado colours. Serial number 94140 I assume that designates 1994 14th frame in 20inch seat tube. Originally with Mag 21s (now standard fork), nuke proof hubs, XT drive and brakes, control tech SP, neck and HB. rear nuke proof blew up so now has a Hugi hub. Sales rep said it was built by Yeti but I have heard various stories that contradict or at least muddy that claim. Anyone know if there is a serial number database on these and what the history is?undeground


    Very cool. It’s not a Yeti-made frame but rather a Control Tech frame, for what that’s worth. Here’s a little history on who made what and when.

    I’ve thought about a serial number database as a couple people have asked about it. It would be easy enough to do…


    Got me two of those too. Super light. Here’s a pic of the one I bought last year and restored. Lotsa NOS XT parts used.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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