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    While setting up a new renters insurance policy, I asked specifically about coverage for my bike as I know it had a hefty price tag on it back when it was brand new. They did some confirming that it would be covered, but then said it would be helpful if I had it appraised to determine approximately how much it would have cost brand new in 1996, or of some sort of analysis of what would be a time-shifted comparable replacement in today’s market. As you can see from my description and photos, this bike has some additional work done to it, which I believe was mostly done in the first couple years of its life (I bought it from its original owner who owned a bike shop). I’ve added the Azonics World Force bar, Truvativ Hussefelt Stem, Fyxation Mesa pedals, and some various anodized color parts like skewers, pulleys, headset spacers, etc.

    Would someone with some sort of authority on the matter be able to help me out with this?

    I apologize for the sad photos, and the dirty bike they depict. The winter roads here are all nasty and this is currently my winter ride.

    [b]1996 Homegrown Factory Suspension XT[/b]

    [*]XTR front/rear derailleurs
    [*]XT brake/shifter levers (one was injured during flight and I could only find an LX replacement. I am definitely hoping to restore it to XT eventually)
    [*]XT V-Brakes
    [*]Rock Shox Judy (recently overhauled by Hippie Tech)
    [*]Fox Alps 4r (recently rebuilt by Risse Racing)
    [*]White Industries Expert Crank
    [*]White Industries Hubs (I believe they are the Tracker model)
    [*]What appear to be custom built wheels
    [*]freewheel/bottom bracket unknown
    [*]crap headset


    Unsure about an insurance value, but I would guess the going rate on this would be $350-$450. You could check a popular auction site to see what they are going for. Typically anything higher in price would be in top notch condition with high end bits that are close to mint and then maybe $1000 to $1200 to someone that really wants it. Sadly you’re dealing with a select market of people that like 20 year old Homegrowns and that’s how most people view these bikes, As 20 year old bikes.


    Thanks for the answer. It is good to have an idea of what it could sell for if I ever wanted to part with it. But unfortunately, the sticker price for the bike and any add-ons is what the insurance company is looking for. Actually, that’s fortunate for me.


    Good luck with that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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