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    Joe’s Homegrown comes with a pretty sweet story. I’ll let Joe tell it:

    Joe’s Homegrown comes with a pretty sweet story. I’ll let Joe tell it:

    “My HG started out as a Raleigh John Tomac titanium HT. I think I paid $1,600.00 from a good friend at my neighborhood shop. That frame developed a crack which Raleigh could not fix nor had any more replacement frames so Raleigh offered me a store credit. I took that credit and paid the difference to buy a Yeti A.R.C. frame, built it up with the old parts and some new and wha-la I had real nice cross country hard tail. By this time in my “riding career” I was racing as often as I could. I loved that Yeti for all of six months! During the 24hrs of Canaan’s first night lap I crashed and taco’d my rear wheel. In order to finish my lap I disconnected my rear brakes and road on. While finishing the lap I kept hearing the rubbing of my brake pads & rim WRONG! The rubbing sound was actually the tire rubbing my rear triangle, damn if that tire didn’t cut right through that aluminum triangle. So goes my sweet Yeti! So within a short time frame of six months I trashed my Yeti (it’s still in my garage attic) and replaced my titanium wonder bike. I wasn’t in the mood for spending top dollar on the next frame, so for $300.00 I bought a HG frame pulled every part off the Yeti and was back in business. I bet I’ve raced that bike at least 75 times, in half a dozen states and probably put at least 10,000 abusive miles on it with the only damage to the frame being a derailleur hanger dropout which isn’t really frame damage is it. Thank for letting me tell my story.”

    All the parts Joe went through:
    “Now for the parts – 3 shocks, 1 rear wheel (not counting the one at Canaan), 4 rear cassettes, 4 front chain ring sets, numerous chains, brake pads, rear derailleurs and cables, 1 set brake levers, 1 handle bar, 1 seat ( I just ripped the yellow one in the attached photo on Sunday) 1 set Mavic quick releases, 2 sets of pedals and a couple sets of V brakes.
    Besides the frame holding up to all those mile my Syncros stem and seat post, Answer handlebar, Race Face cranks, Chris King headset and my Mavic front wheel have not been replaced.”

    DS Joe W's 1998 HG XT
    NDS Joe W's 1998 HG XT

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