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    Does anybody know what tires were on the Project Underground aluminum, also  referred to by some as Project Colorado? I can’t make out the brand or size of the tires on the project oddities tab on this page, but they look like skin wall tires.


    No idea here. I’ll try to ask my people…


    I thought they were Panaracer Smoke rear and Dart front.  You can get repop’s still from Panaracer.



    Thanks for the link. I just bought another Project Underground aluminum frame. Unfortunately I don’t think a 2.10 will fit on the rear. Last 3 frames  I had to use 1.95  in the rear. I ran  IRC Mythos 1.95 in the rear and 2.10 in front.

    Not sure I’m going to even build this frame, and if I do it will be a wall hanger for display, and if I do I  might try and  squeeze a 2.10 on back. I’ve had 3 other of these frames and rode them all, and unfortunately all  3 cracked  at the head tube. I have plenty of other bikes to ride, and I’m not in a hurry to build this one. They’re difficult to find, and besides,  my wife still doesn’t know I bought it.



    I love those tires.  I have two sets.  Skinwall set on my 2000 Homegrown, and a blackwall set on my Schwinn Moab.  


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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