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    I am original owner! Just cleaned it up today: it has been sitting in basement for a LONG time. I did ride it quite a bit when first got it and up to about 2008/9. That’s about the time the original rear tire wore out and the front was bit dry rotted sidewall.
    Back then I tried to find wildgrippers but nothing to be found. I do see recently some to be had for $$$$$$$$$$$$

    I might sell this bike though sad to say. I was 26years old when I got this rig. Now I’m an old man lol.


    Such a nice example!!  I bought one of those too with an employee discount and it was still $2,400 back in the day.  I was slightly disappointed when it showed up without the TOYOTA stickers on it, but I got over it.  It looks as though you’ve only changed the tires!!  Congrats on holding on to such a fine rig.


    Hey pogo – If you want to sell this, please let me know!  i am intested.. it looks like a 17″.  I would be willing to paypal or venmo cash, else can do a pickup if you are in the midwest somwhere.

    I’m also active on the Facebook group too, but feel free to shoot me a note:



    Very nice bike. Looks in great shape. Always liked that paint scheme.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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