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    I’ve owned the red/gold frame for over a decade, it has a huge sentimental value to me as this frame was the first bike I fell in love with as a kid and this partiular frame came into my life by pure chance 16 years ago when I was racing full time.


    I always figured it was the 1998 Factory XTR, and I also thought that ALL the Homegrown’s got made by Yeti which turned out to not be true of course.


    This year I thought I’d build the old steed back up but when I started looking around I found this Golden Beauty and knew I had to have it.


    Before I bought it I thought it had to be the Fame only version from 98, clearly overlooking the fact that what looks like the same frame was sold that year as the XT full build.


    The catalog from 98 says the frame only option was made in Durango at I assume is Yeti??


    Once I got the frame I noticed the very obvious differences between the red/gold frame and the new one I’ve now named “Golden Boy.”

    #1 The lack of cantilever brakes boss on Golden Boy.

    #2 Golden Boy has a very finely welded downtube gusset, red/gold does not.

    #3 Lastly, and to me the most telling of a Yeti build is the brake stays on Golden Boy, made of a one piece of curved aluminum like a classic Yeti Arc frame vs. the two piece brake stays on the red/gold frame.

    So I bring it to the master’s here, what am I looking at here?

    Are either of these Yeti Madde frames?


    The red/gold frame is made by Yeti. The orange frame was made by Annodizing, Inc.

    Yeti frames characteristics: forged chainstay yoke instead of extruded (rounded edges on Yeti), no gusset at downtube/headtube, the tapered tube connecting seatstays to seat tube, made of 7005 aluminum, whereas the Annodizing frames were made of 6061.


    Thanks for the help, that fame only in the 98 catalog was throwing me off.

    Having never ridden the orange one is there a differenince in your experince with ridde quality/feel?

    I’m guessing the Yeti frames are more highly saught after?

    Thanks again


    The Team Red/Gold frame has double-butted seat-stays and gives a slightly more cushioned feel.  It also flexes more when applying the rear brakes and can feel “mushy”.  The orange frame will feel more rigid all around, yet only weighs 1/2 pound more.  Geometry is identical.


    I completed the V1 re-build on the Orange one and you are both right, it is waaaay stiffer than I remember the red/gold one being.

    Also the thing that stands out after over over 16 years NOT riding this era bike I was instantly reminded how much you feel like you are riding “ON” the bike VS. the “IN” the bike feel of modern geometry. 



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