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    I’ve been working on a build for 11 years, and I was hoping to understand some history that I haven’t been able to clarify. 2001, Factory black ano: manufactured / welded / dipped / assembled at Anodizing, Inc. In Portland, Oregon? Or frame made in Portland bike assembled in Colorado? I assume the former, but wanted to see if anyone out there knows.




    You’re correct on the frame fabrication. I believe they did the finishing in-house (hence the name) but that is speculation on my part, and I know there was a fair amount of re-work on some models, particularly the gold. I don’t know where that was handled. I don’t know about final assembly though. Sorry for the slow reply.


    I have recently purchased a used 2001 HG Factory – Black ano, with IS disc tabs, and I noticed that the seat tube had a sticker Omnium Cycle Works.  I’ve seen a post on MTBR with a similar question, but I wasn’t sure if this was ever answered on this forum – so here it goes – for 2001 was Anodizing Inc. the only manufacturer for HG frames?  Or was Omnium also responsible for some of the production?  Does anyone know? 


    Interesting because both my 2001 Moab disc SL and Rocket 88 have the Omnium sticker on em.  So Omnium was also making Homegrowns for 2001 it seems.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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