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    So I’m now officially one of the family! I just acquired a 1998 HG Factory Suspension XT (Sweet Spot) frame.  Rear shock is a DT Swiss SSD 210L.  I acquired the fork pictured previously (a 2003/04 RS SID Race).

    I think my next focus is sorting out what brakes and/or brake + adapter combo work with the Sweet Spot rear swing-arm.  Here is my list so far:

    – Hayes 22mm caliper, no adapter needed – not clear on specific Hayes brake model names

    – Flat mount caliper + flat mount adapter – bikeric on this forum is not responding to his thread or PMs, so it seems the source of these has disappeared.  I’m considering what I would need to do to make my own with 1/4″ aluminum plate. 

    – Magura Louise brake + A2Z AD-PMR adapter – I saw a picture of this setup on a Sweet Spot and appeared to just barely fit with no modifications.  I don’t know if the Magura Marta SL caliper has a similar body size to the Louise or not.

    I’ve seen other images of calipers + adapters on various HGs, but I’m trying to zero in on Sweet Spot frames.  I’m still trying to do image searches to see what I can visually confirm to work.  If anyone has a known caliper + adapter combo that they know works on a Sweet Spot, I would appreciate the info!



    I used the Hayes adaptor and an Xtr caliper.   I had to grind a pretty significant amount of the caliper off to make it fit.   But it worked. 


    I’m still new here, and am beginning to get round to my possible S20 Carbon to S10 Carbon project when I came across this post.   I am going to go through somewhat the same issue you seen to be pondering.   I just finished updating my other bike…..a trek vrx that we bought one son back in 2000.  Updated that with vintage, Hayes Mag G1 disc brake system.  That bike also has the 22mm rear caliper mount but it hangs on the rear of the swing arm.  The s20 tho will have to sit in the frame.   I really know nothing about most of this, but I sourced, and found 4 complete sets of the G1/ Mag brake sets.  I was looking for two complete sets, and spare parts for the future.  I wanted to find all mint parts.  I’ll say three of the four fit the bill.  For insurance I also bought two of the a2z rear adapters just in case. I will say those rear calipers….in like original shape….we’re the hardest things I ever sourced on the internet.  But if you keep looking, they are out there…..the adapters seem to only be briefly manufactured and sell out pretty quickly.  I’m here looking into whether to replace the rear cracked swing arm on my s20 carbon, which is pretty damn close to showroom condition…..or swap its parts and upgrade it to an S10.  The S10 body is knocked up a bit but not cracked anywhere.  Does a bike shop do that? Or an auto body shop?  How would I estimate which path to take.  What were the OEM rims that had the discs mounted from the factory?  For the trek I had to hunt down OEM Rolf dolomite disc wheels, and spares.  I’m assuming the Schwinn will need Mavic rims?  I’m about done fooling with the trek and lamenting hunting all this stuff all over again….


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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