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    Hi everybody,

    I have the opportunity to buy this frame, fork, and the pictured components, but I am curious if the frame is legitimate. Based on the researh I have done, this bike may have been a ’97 XT, but the "Schwinn" sticker does not match those pictured in the ’97 Schwinn catalog.

    Is this bike really a homegrown, or has it been re-stickered? I have requested more photos from the seller.

    Could any of you tell me more?



    Looks like it’s been stripped and had some random stickers put on it.

    It appears to have the machining between the bottom bracket and chainstays, which is indicitive of a homegrown.

    Don’t pay much for it if it’s been stripped, it’s not worth much without the original finish. Still a great riding frame though. Think of it as if you’re just buying the frame, that old fork/stem/bar and seat clamp aren’t worth anything.


    Good luck and post more pics if you get them.


    it looks like my first homegrown, a 17" ’97 XT.


    Thanks for the replies. The seller thinks that this is a ’96 xt gruppo frame. I don’t think that $100 is a bad price to spend for everything that is pictured.

    The seller has agreed to send me more photos soon.


    Hell yeah!


    Moab frames bring 100$ on ebay.


    It could be a ’96… I don’t remember my last ’97 having a canti cable stop on the seat stay like that one has???


    Looks like a fun project!


    Serial number 96B E02213

    Does this appear to be a 1996 Homegrown XT bulit by Control Tech? Does anyone have any other thoughts?


    Yep, look like a 96 or 97 Homegrown (non-factory) frame. I don’t see a buffed finish listed in the 96 catalog, only 97. But as we’ve seen before, that doesn’t mean anything.

    Seems you don’t see too many frames with the buffed finish anymore.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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