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    I’m looking for an outfit (if one exists) who makes custom bike decals/stickers.  Specifically looking for period correct (1996) decals for a homegrown factory like the black with red spikes frame shown in the 1996 catalog. 


    They do some stuff within the bike industry, and I’ve seen decal sets with their name on them. I don’t know if that was original or if someone just had them make up some decals. Keep us posted, though.

    Gary there used to do some stuff for us at Zipp.


    Thanks for the link, John.  I talked with Gary at SSS Ink Out this morning.  They will not have any Homegrown material until next year, at which time they hope to have several model years available.  He also indicated that they only deal with painters and powder coaters and not individules.  He does work with Spectrum whom I have spoken with regarding a clear coat application for my frame.  There are some Homegrown decals on Ebay, I might try that route.


    That’s too bad that they don’t deal with individuals. I didn’t think that many people were restoring Homegrowns back to stock, that it would warrant only dealing with painters.

    Maybe someone has a painter buddy that would be willing to be a middle man and get us hooked up with some decals?

    Or maybe if enough of us will commit to buying some, they would deal with us as a group?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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