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    Hi Guys,

    I’m new here. Just finding my way around. I am in need of new frame decals. for a 96/97 f/s homegrown. Any leads? Has anyone ever had them made? My email is


    I don’t know that anyone has had any luck. There are a couple places that have apparently made decals for paint shops and SSSInk might do so again but they said not for individuals.


    I’d really like to know what shops are restoring these Homegrown frames, that individuals can’t get the decals.

    I’m working on getting some reproductions made out of some stickers that I have. I almost have enough to do a complete 98/99 HG. It’s just a matter time. And I’m not quite ready to put up the money yet. The place that can print them for me isn’t going to be cheap, and it will have to be a large quantity / minimum order too.

    I have a Homegrown sticker for the top bar on 96/97 bikes, but not the ‘Factory’ word. I’ll eventually do some playing around with photoshop and see if I can get one of those made too.



    there is a guy on ebay right now selling a homegrown sticker set

    I bought 2 sets off him a year ago. He used to have another sticker set, I’ve been waiting for them.

    I know the ones I bought from him were the bomb, still a year after they look like brand new. They were a little bit of money, but rare items, just like blue said.


    The decals on ebay are for carbon frame I think. Correct me if I am wrong. I know my stickers didnt look like that from the factory.  I was wondering if anyone has ever had them reproduced. I am willing to put up the cash to have them made but I need good originals for the artwork. I have custom graphics made all the time for my YZ250. For about $300 I get the whole bike done. Let me know.


    they are not for the carbon fiber frame, they are for the hardtail & others too. But not the whole set. Like I know the top tube ones I think are used on the top tube on the hardtails, 4 banger. straight 8 & some full suspension. But what do I know. They are very hard to get & only worth it if you are restoring your bike.

     Thanks guys


    I just meant he frame decals on mine didnt have the checkered flag theme. I am talking about a Full suspension cross country Factory Homegrome frame. No big deal, I bought a frame on ebay that seemed to be the same frame I have. The decals look good so I am going to see if I can have some made. The frame is too big it’s a 19″ so I will be selling it when I am done with it.


    Sorry for resurrecting another old thread, but is excellent for reproduction decals. The guy is passtionate about what he does, and it shows through in his work. He can reproduce pretty much anything out there, and did an excellent job on my PU decals. I’m currently working on getting him dimensions for flag decals. You can also contact him through wandson1 [at] msn {dot} com.


    Read your post regarding Homegrown sticker/decal sets. I have a 99 Team Howngrown, am looking to restore and need all new decals.


    Have you had any luck finding sets?


    I see them on the auction website every now and then, and they usuallly go for around $100.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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