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    I love my homegrown !!!!  anyway – Ive had this bike since new, all original components on it and looking for advice on replacing front fork. One with a lockout and that I can use same brakes (dont want to go disc).  I almost thought of putting on a rigid since I mainly ride bike paths and on road – I actually have been riding with a group on 30mile rides (all road bikes) and have no problem hanging with them when they crank 27+mph.  I did put 26×1.6 bontraer road warrior slicks on it but before the original wild gripper sprints fell apart I still had no trouble riding that speed and averaging 21mph with them.

    Im not sure what travel , etc to look for?  What have you guys done when you replaced your fork or are there any rebuild kits that I can do that would offer a lockout?  thanks!


    I don’t know how much money you’re looking to spend, but a LOT of LBS will help you out with a rigid chro-moly fork or other standard fork…. Some of the nice things with a Chro-moly and how much the LBS does, you can get custom colors etc.    Ben’s Cycle in Milwaukee, WI sells a lot of forks like that. 

    I wish you great luck in finding a fork that you really like, sometimes it takes a lot of trying out forks & re-trying forks..


    Your best options are either a carbon fork (rigid) or an 80 mm suspension fork.  Look at this :

    I’d check out ebay for a suspension fork.   However, older forks probably won’t have lockouts.  That’s more a newer feature.

    If you want a rigid fork, I’d spend the money to get a carbon fork.  It’ll smooth out the road chatter and is lighter.  That way when you’re on your group rides, you can lead the pack.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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