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    Any foreseeable issues updating a 1997 Homegrown XT FS to modern components?

    Basically just starting from my frame.

    My areas of concern are:
     Mechanical disc brakes
     Shocks front and rear
     9 or 10 speed 

    Thank you in advance


    In terms of front shock, I would not go above 100mm.  You can probably put a front disc but not a rear assuming there are no rear disc posts.  I’d go with 9 speed.  Only the Sram XX are 10 speed.  Replacing the rear shock will be hard since it’ll prbably be a shorter length than what you can get on the market.  You will need to measure from eyelet to eyelet and then the shock stroke length.  I suspect 6 inches with either 1 to 1 1/2 inch stroke.  Fox may make a shock like that but the tuning may be off.  If the stock shock is still working, I’d stay with that.

    Go for Avid mechanical disc brake.  They work great and use standard V-brake levers. 

    Hope that helps.


    I have a 98 factory fs I’m starting from scratch.  The only issue I’ve run into is how to run the cables?  I’ve been trying to find pics on google, but nothing yet (shots are to far away).

    I’m putting on a old Manitu Black fork,  Its been working great on my 99 Moab so I’m assuming it will on the Homegrown.

    Any suggestions?


    I’ve been mostly through the udpate process. Rear shock that is great is the Cane Creek Cloud 9. It’s 5.5 eye to eye and has 1.25 of stroke. They can custom build you a new one to that spec if they don’t have them in stock. Other Cane Creek rear shocks with those specs will do the trick as well.

    I’ve been running a RockShox Reba Team set at 120mm in the front. Great fork, but when I get it overhauled I’ll probably have it set to 100 to have it more balanced. Not that big of an issue. I just swapped my stem position with a few of the spacers to get it to feel just right.

    9 or 10 speed is up to you. No limits there. There are lots of 10 speed and 2×10 options that are lower cost than the SRAM XX now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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