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    Hi all, 

    im mick and live in perth western australia.i thought an intro would be suitable

    Hi all, 

    im mick and live in perth western australia.i thought an intro would be suitable

    in 1998 i starterd working in a bikeshop back home in the netherlands i was racing experts on a team klein attitude ,96 model with matched judy’s (-; i was happy as a pig in shitt but the bike was from the competion around the corner so my new boss wanted me to buy a new bike, i always love the homegrown schwinn’ boss had different plans he i figured i should buy ( yes that is buy) a cannondale well i told that wouldn’t happen he even got the rep over to see if he could win me over, he smilled when i said i wanted a h.g. and said yeahh there nice !

    anyway i put the order in for my frame, im 6.3 ft so 21 inch frame only, wasnt in stock but on its way accoording to the importer, one and a half month max the said, so i sarted ordering parts and thinking the dream is real !!kept ringing the importer to check up on the status, and them i sold my klein, three weeks before my trainig camp. so cashed up but no bike and heaps of parts,i had this john player special theme in mind, everything gold or black (-: !

    the week before i was due to get in the plane no bike and even worse the importer said the won’t get them at all they only thing they had left was a 19inch with and 8 speed xtr group ?and me …well i said yess so i bought something that was next to useless to me but fck it was a beauty !i ripped the xtr v brakes and put the avis arch supremes on (ohh yeaahh i did spend some mula on that bike!) toke the seatpost out and eplaced it with a syncross post, ditched the wildgrippers and put my time pedals on them !and of in the plane, i rode the bike from the shop home packed it up there and left for tenerife, were i found out that the forks were leaking air so 2 days in i replaced the sids with some cheap and nasty non suspension correct rigid forks..

    One of the best photos my mate toke of the trip was me cleaning up the gravel rash after i flew over the handle bars on a p.gravel downhill section.i have never gone over the bars as much as that year that bike was awesome but way to small !! so at the end of the season i went to a different shop/boss and got a 21″ principia. shortly after i had a severe accident stopped me from racing and gave me funds to travel all over the shop ( to make up for no more racing)

    i have been steady in perth since 2007 and last year i finnaly got some surgery done that allows me to ride and ride and ride and ride, so i could race again, which made me think i should pick up were i left (well not completly, not aming for that a 7% body fat or a 25000 km a year !)so i kept a fairly close eye on the ebay in order to get a 1999 21 inch ( cant stress 21 inch enough lol) and about two months ago someone listed a brandnew , brand spanking new, 1999 h.g. 21 frame and i bought it for …236 usa dollars…as u can imagine, happy as a pig in shit, its ridiculous ten years ago i couldn’t not buy this from the importer for atleast 6 times the money.

    the plan..

    i would like to stay healthy and fit maybe do around the 7000 kilometer mark and be fast enough to stay with the first half of the field, with the going to swap bit from my curent hartail over, ideally i would get a syncross or moots setback 26.8 post, ill run my moots stem easton xc carbon bars,( i had these for nine years and might replace them i cant belive these bars, i have riddin them hard for a long time, at only 130 grams and nearly 10 years in service ) on it, king cage and headset, middelburn duo cranck .golden hopes on black mavic hubs not sure on other parts of the drive train..might go new 10 spd xtr but will stay with my nine speed gear for now.

    and i still have my schwinn mechanic shirt !!its back home butt il dig it soon !!

    its good to be back, its even better to see the tomato lives on !!

    would like to thanks john for this great website !!

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