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    Hello, Schwinn fan – atics!

    I have just picked up most of a

    1998 Homegrown All Mountain LXT 19″

    Now I would like to know:

    How do your 1998 Homegrown All Mountain LXT look like? Show me some pics!

    What is interesting about them? Restore to original? Making it light weight? What would you like to see/ buy?

    Just let me know, what a challenge could be!

    Thanks in advance

    Yes, I am a GT guy. Sorry! That is why I need your help! Give me a taste …


    A lot of people make single speeds out of them. The URT design really lends itself well to a SS conversion. Technically, it’s not made in America, the Carbon frame was made in Taiwan. I think this is why Schwinn called it a Homegrown in 98 only, in 99 they called it an S-series. If you have the rear triangle with the tomato on it, I’m pretty sure that part was made in America.

    I actually rode mine tonight for a few hours. I really like it. Of all my Homegrowns, it gets ridden the most. Probably because only 2 are in rideable condition!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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