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    who can tell me what year they started to put rear disc mount on the sweetspots. I am looking everywhere for a rear triangle with one. I have a 97 factory homegrown without disc mount and are all the rear triangles the same on the newer modles like the s-10 and s-20 as the older sweetspots. thanks guys


    My 1998 Homegrown All Mountain LXT Tech Specs has a disc mount for an adapter.

    Hope that helps!


     If that’s a 22mm  disc mount you will need an adaptor to use modern disc brakes. I just bought an adaptor on an ebay auction from B & S Fabrication for $34 shipped. I am waiting for delivery, and hope it works. I’m trying to install Avid Juicy 5 hydraulic brakes on my Son’s 2000 Moab. The Moab has the same 22mm mount on Homegrowns from that era. There are vintage used Hayes mechanical brakes out there, but I am scared of trying to find obsolete parts, plus they’re real expensive.



    livernose – what’s your review of the adaptor you have pictured in the previous post? Had a chance to install/ride with it yet?


    My 1998 HG Sweetspot Carbon has the 22mm disc mounts on the rear.  I used an A-Z Products DM-UNI to put discs on mine for a while.

    Here is mine on the bike:

    It got the job done for a reasonable price, but it had one fatal flaw that made me nuts.  The design cannot support braking backwards.  You might think (as I did) that this isn’t a problem.  The problem is if you get hosed on a climb, which I do quite a bit since I have weak legs.  You go, you can’t go any further, you grab the brakes to stop from rolling back down the hill, and now you yank the thing away from the swingarm.  You then spend the next few minutes with your tools fixing it instead of riding.  I was going to make a support arm that bolted to the 22mm bosses, but I took it off and put on a vintage 22mm Hayes instead.  Never finished the bike, though, so I haven’t ridden it like that.

    Installation was relatively straightforward, but I had to machine the support foot down to clear the weld at the rear dropout.  You don’t technically have to do this, but I wanted the neater installation of having the support foot flat against the dropout instead of on the peak of the weld.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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