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    Hey gang

    Homegrown frame number 3 arrived the other day.  Its a Bass Boat Blue/Silver frame.  I am fairly certain its a Factory.

    Since this is the third one I have built up, I thought I had all the parts but my 26.8 seat post is too big.  

    Im thinking its a 26.2.  Dose anybody have a Homegrown Factory frame that takes anything other that a 26.8 seatpost?





    Send it to me and I will dispose of it properly.  Just kidding.  The previous owner must have installed an undersized post and then clamped the frame down tight.  You will find it very difficult to fix.  My experience with that problem on a Homegrown frame (6061): my LBS had a nice reamer/cleaner tool that cleaned up my seat tube to a shiny new finish.  Removed the seat clamp.  Tried the proper 26.8mm post with no success.  

    Here is the trick……Todd (my hero) installed an old quill stem into the seat tube.  He tightened the stem bolt which expanded the seat tube.  He did this a few times in a few different positions inside the tube.  Warning!!!!!  DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN….  Your not trying to make it fit a 27.2, just a 26.8.

    Good luck.


    Got it fixed!  Thanks!  I used a Compression plug to widen the seat tube at the top just a tiny bit at a time.


    what size is that frame you got there?


    Its a 17 inch frame.  It turns out the seat tube had been overtightened. I used bikeric’s method and it worked great.



    I have an almost new 2000 black anodized HG frame I am building from scratch. One ebayer with what I believe is a ’99 for sale, stated he thought the seat post size was 27.2. I guess Schwinn didn’t think to put that in their info sheets since they were selling the HG as a complete bike.
    Did the seat post size change from (what you’re saying is() the 26.8, to 27.2 in 2000? The forum intro says there are some FAQs somewhere on the site, but I couldn’t find them.
    I would need confirmation of both seat post size and front derailleur clamp size for my frame…I could buy calipers, but asking you all is cheaper. ;o)
    thank you to anyone who can help.


    Pretty sure seat post 26.8 with a front derailleur clamp of 31.8.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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