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    Hey I have a 1997 Home grown full suspension bike. I was wondering can you adjust the rear suspension? Any help I would appriciate.



    Depending on your shock model you should have both a preload (either air or coil spring) and rebound adjustment.  Let us know what shock you’ve got and we can go from there.


    I have the SID,on a ’99  4 banger,,It sits, as I build it Up.. Mushy.feels like there is No air in it,and dont really see where to “fill” it ( no air valve,I dont think,,two Knob looking things tho.. )..How much pressurse it takes? etc


    The Sid rear shock has a positive and and negative air spring. The valves are the two silver knob looking things. The “knobs” are actually the caps. The downside to that shock is that you need a special adapter to allow you shock pump attach to the shock. It’s a small piece. Without it you cant pump up your shock. If you have this piece I’d pump up the positive spring (the top valve) to the desired pressure. The negative air spring is supposed to get the stiction out of the shock. More negative pressure the more supple the beginning of the travel will be. I suppose by having hardly any air in the negative spring it’s like a poor mans platform setting to counter pedal bob.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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