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    Just bought what appears to be a 1998 All Mountain carbon frame and swingarm off Craigslist and plan build it this winter. I see stock pictures that show a rear disk on these bikes and they are spec’d with Haynes Hydraulic Disks. Rear swingarm does not have obvious mount for caliper (only a small threaded hole. Is there an adapter available? Would like to build this with disks so any help would be greatly appreciated. I suspect that not all swingarms on these had disk mounts/.

    Also own a 1998 hardtail bass boat orange.


    There were a few models that offered this, but mostly if the rear triangle was a replacement.  I have seen two different frames with this exact setup.  I even sold them both.  One was factory, but the other was a replacement rear.  So if you dont have it, you can try and get creative with welding.  Else I suspect you will need to try and find a new rear for it with disk tabs.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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