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    I bought this bike new in 2000 from the leftover unused Schwinn Factory Racing teams bike 1999 stable.   It is the top spec (All XTR) version, built and setup by the racing team mechanics.

    All original parts are intact except for the grips which were getting a bit sticky. 

    The bike is still completely ridable.  The front Rock Shox Sid still holds pressure and provides great dampening and the rear Rock Shox Coupe Deluxe moves smoothly.

    I still have the original MTR Racing Raptor tires the bike came with and I remounted them for the original look.

    I have ridden this bike on and off for the last 20 years.  It has always been well maintained and never ridden harder than light XC.

    The front shifter levers will only engage the bottom and middle gear, it isn’t a problem with the derailleur.   I haven’t spent much time figure out why as I rarely find myself wanting the top gears these days.

    I have an original pivot replacement kit still in the package.  I was told that part wore out fast, but I have never felt it had enough play to need to be replaced.  

    I will also throw in the original Time ATAC pedals that were on it for most of its life.
    If you happen to be a size 10 you can have the vintage Shimano shoes that with the mounted clip ins.  

    I am not sure what this bike is worth and there aren’t many examples for comparison.

    I am going to ask $800 based on the few similar examples I have found sold recently, but please let me know if you think I am way off the mark. 


    Spec Sheet:

    Color: ——————– Bass Boat Blue / Polished
    Size: ———————- Medium (17)
    Fork: ——————— Rock Shox Sid XC SL
    Rear Shock: ————- Rock Shox Coupe Deluxe – Coil Over
    Headset: —————– Chris King
    Crankset: —————- Shimano XTR
    F. Derailleur: ———– Shimano XTR
    R. Rerailleur: ———– Shimano XTR
    Shifters: —————— Shimano XTR
    Freewheel: ————– Shimano XTR
    Pedals: ——————- Time ATAC (unmounted)
    Brakes: ——————- Shimano XTR V-Brakes
    Handlebar: ————– Syncros Riser
    Stem: ——————— Titec Enduro
    Hubs: ——————— Shimano XTR
    Rims: ——————— Mavic X 517
    Spokes: —————— DT Revolution 15/17G
    Tire: ———————- WTB Racing Raptors
    Saddle: ——————- Giro Fizik Titanium Rails
    Seatpost: —————– Titec Titanium Micro Adjustable


    OEM Full pivot replacement kit. 
    Shock Air Pump
    Mountable Presta Valve Air Pump – Schwinn Branded from 2000
    Original Chain Guard
    Schwinn Homegrown Stickers


    A lot of minty fresh goodness there. Good luck with the sale.


    That looks like a 1997 judging by the Bassboat paint. Much cooler than the 1999 blue paint.


    It’s certainly possible.  I was told when I bought it it was a ’99, but it was also built by their factory team, so maybe they built it with parts from a 99 but a frame from a 97?  
    I know it never looked exactly like the brochure for either year.   
    The Bassboat blue color is amazing!  It often gets compliments and I haven’t found any bike like it since.


    Thanks!  I knew the bike was special to me, and I am glad it is valued by others.   I hope it finds a home where it can be appreciated!


    Jeff’s correct. If you look in the 97 catalog under “Catalog scans” you’ll see a few pictures of it. There’s a few decal variants (in terms of color).

    The 1997 and 1999 frames were identical anyway. Here’s the 1997 model page:


    What a GREAT looking bike!!  If I was in the market it would be mine.  Your price is more than fair.  Can I ask what city you are located in?  I might consider a road trip if you’re close enough.



    Thank you!
    I am in Boise, ID



    Yes, it does look more like it than the 99, but I seem to remember being told the Rock Shox Sid didn’t come out until 98/99, which led me to believe it was the later year.

    Do you think I should change my posting to say it’s a ’97?  Or is it too much of an amalgamation of the years and it is just considered a custom build?


    Maybe, I think some people (like me) definitely favor the 97 BBB over the 99, which (to me) was much less sparkly. I don’t know that it makes much difference. The SID was definitely a later fork but I wouldn’t put much stock into that. The 99 frame did have 22mm disc brake mounts, which yours does not.


    The bike is now sold.   Thank you everyone for your input on the details of the bike.

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