1997 Homegrown Factory Suspension XTR

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Full-suspension Homegrowns debuted in 1997 with the introduction of the Homegrown Factory Suspension, based on John Castellano's Sweet Spot® URT design and featuring 3.75 inches of suspension travel. The Homegrown Factory Suspension XTR was the top-of-the-line Homegrown Factory Suspension model for 1997 and featured a 6061 aluminum frame made by Anodizing, Inc. in Portland, Oregon. This frame was shared with the lower-level Homegrown Factory suspension models and was available in buffed or the same "Bass Boat Blue" as the Homegrown Factory XTR hardtail, in spite of the differences in frame material and manufacturer. In the catalog, the "Homegrown Factory" text on the FS bike is green and the bands on the S decal on the top tube are black, whereas the text and bands are both white on the hardtail (and several members' Homegrown Factory Suspension XTR frames).

The build kit for the Homegrown Factory Suspension XTR was a complete XTR group with Control Tech seatpost and stem, highlighted by a Yeti handlebar. While the Homegrown hardtails were fitted with forks with 63mm of travel, the Homegrown Factory Suspension XTR was paired with a Rock Shox Judy SL fork offering 80mm of travel. An important note is that there is no rear disc mount on the 1997 Homegrown Factory Suspension XTR, unlike the 1998 and 1999 Homegrown Factory Suspension models.

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