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    Hello everyone, I’m looking for my fountain of youth. I raced on the Homegrown Team in 97 on a Bass Boat Blue frame and would love to have one again to build up and ride for nostaglia’s sake. If anyone has one in good condition (decals don’t matter, I can replace those, but no big chainsuck scars or dents, etc) I’m interested. Frame only preferably.

    Thank you!


    You and me both!!  Good luck in the search.  I’ll keep an eye on this thread and clean up the scraps, if any, that show up.


    Thanks bikeric!

    Phillip Anderson

    my homegrown is a 1997 XT hardtail  killer tomato red. I know its sounds strange but it has been in the closet of my house since it 1998 . it looks brand new . that kind of makes it rare since i do not  believe anyone  else has one like this. its all original from the factory. I bought it from the original owner and he only had ridden it a few times . I realized I did not like mountain bikes so i purchased a diamondback comfort bike to ride instead. so in other  words this bike has not seen sun light since 1998. I will sell it for $2000.00 if you are interested 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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